Tuesday, 26 March 2013

More info on 'Ball of Fire' single

Out on May 13th, it will contain Deadbeat, Mad Professor and Dabrye remixes. More info with Dabrye remix available to listen here.

Listen to 'More Tales from the Orbservatory'

You can listen to the newest Orb album clips here.

And here's the tracklisting with durations:
1. Fussball (4:30)
2. Africa (5:32)
3. Tight Interlude (1:21)
4. Making Love in Dub (6:44)
5. No Ice Age (4:20)
6. Don't Rush I (4:35)
7. Fussball (instrumental) (4:30)
8. Africa (instrumental) (5:30)
9. Making Love in Dub (instrumental) (6:44)
10. No Ice Age (instrumental) (4:15)
11. Don't Rush I (instrumental) (4:30)

Total running time: 52:31

Monday, 25 March 2013

Orb compilation out on October

And another news from Alex' blog:

the orb is also 25 years old this year , jimmy & i started making noises in aug 1988 & Djing in players in bath at that time too , as well at the transcentral parties & crazy warehouse parties springing up all over 88 . so the orb are celebrating this year with an album out in october with all our singles on one or two CDs , we're in talks with Island / universal at the moment . 

Also: in May we'll see the release of Ball of Fire single.

New orb album out on June 3rd: More Tales from the Orbservatory

Info from Aaron Miles:


1. Fussball
2. Africa
3. Tight Interlude
4. Making Love In Dub
5. No Ice Age
6. Don't Rush I
7. Fussball (Instrumental)
8. Africa (Instrumental)
9. Making Love In Dub (Instrumental)
10. No Ice Age (Instrumental)
11. Don't Rush I (Instrumental)

Last year's stellar collaboration between The Orb and Lee Scratch Perry unsurprisingly produced more music than one album could handle, so Scratch, Alex Paterson and Thomas Fehlmann are returning in fine style with 'More Tales From The Orbservatory'. 2012's The ORBSERVER In The Starhouse' was rightfully acclaimed as a colossal meeting of like minds and souls, sparking with rare magic as Alex Paterson and long-time Orb member Thomas Fehlmann provided the perfect backdrops for the Upsetter's inimitable pronouncements, righteous declarations and sweet vocals. If anything, the follow-up stretches further into the cosmos, the backings more heavily rooted in the basic but infinite principles of rhythm and dub. The new tracks continue the full-blooded immersion in reggae's infinite studio universe which characterised the first set; shards of old songs loom like aural ghosts while rhythms resurface, morphing into something fresh and new. For decades, all three artists have shared a common quest to push out the sound barriers. Each one also knows that journey is never over, which makes the appearance of this fresh batch of tunes and dubs all the more exciting. The mouth-watering potential of a legendary master working with long-time acolytes who tuned into his unique wavelength long ago continues to blossom and explodes again on More Tales From The Orbservatory. 

Also Orb website has been updated. And they mention free album - coming soon. And when you click download link, you can download the following compilation:

Once again, thanks to Aaron Miles for info!!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Text discography updated

I have updated my text-based Orb discography. Get it from the link on right or from here.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Kris 'Thrash' Weston's solo album is on the way

It looks like Kris 'Thrash' Weston, former Orb member in years 1991-1994, is preparing first solo album. More info on his website.

Thanks to Anthony Bryan for info.

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New Orb remix: Sugizo - Conscientia Era

New remix from The Orb - this time collaboration with Youth. Conscientia Era (the orb vs youth remix) appears on new Sugizo remix album Vesica Pisces. More info here.

Sugizo - Vesica Pisces (Wakyo Japan, 6 Mar 2013)


1. Conscientia Era (The Orb vs Youth rmx) (8:27)
2. Final Of The Messiah (System 7 rmx) (8:16)
3. Enola Gay Reloaded (Joujouka rmx) (6:35)
4. Arc Moon Goddess (Dj Yummy rmx) (6:31)
5. Tell Me, Why Not Psychedelia? (J.Reactor rmx) (6:05)
6. The Mad Folly (Uvantam rmx) (5:36)
7. Replicant Edge (Dj Amiga rmx) (5:42)
8. Spiritual Prana (Dub Master X rmx) (5:54)
9. Sleep Away To Shinning (Sine6 rmx) (6:52)
10. Fatima Queen (Minilogue rmx) (11:25)
11. Eternal Fatima (Sugizo rmx) (9:11)

Thanks to Aaron Miles for info.